Yesenia Iglesias is an actor, educator and professional nomad. She’s a native of Puerto Rico and a recent alumnus of the University of Washington’s Professional Actor Training Program. Since graduating she performed in Passing Strange at ACT with Side Country Theatre, in Book-It’s educational tour, Danger: Books! and in Mwindo at Seattle Children’s Theatre and Bunnies at Annex. When she’s not performing, Iglesias is an assistant teacher of stage combat at the UW.

She returns to Annex next week for Is She Dead Yet?, a contemporary update to Euripides’sAlcestis written and directed by The Seagull Project’sBrandon J. Simmons. Iglesias plays the titular “she.” [Check out our interview about the play with Simmons next week.] This fall she also joins Theatre22’s production of Water by the Spoonful directed by Julie Beckman. Iglesias (pronounce Yesenia a “j” sound) joined me for this week’s installment of Five Friday Questions.

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